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Ventilaton Systems

Dehumidification Systems in Ventilation Systems

Seibu Giken DST technology is effective for Supermarket and refrigeration efficiency by:

- Maintaining store humidity down between 30-50%rh

  • Improve shopper comfort

  • Save energy with payback between 1-3 years

  • Reducing HVAC energy with Dedicated Outdoor air System design

  • Reducing compressor power with low humidity (reduce 10% rh reduce power in 10%)

  • Reducing defrost and strip heat

  • Reduce fan energy and duct size

  • Heating cold isles with dry air

  • Reverse cycle heating

Many configurations are available to suite local utility costs and HVAC designs.

- Econosorb  EF series is a “World s First” Desiccant DX refrigeration system developed by DST in 1985 and Is able to reduce 22g/kg in Hong Kong to 8g/kg and 6g/kg if required with a commercially priced Desiccant DX system. Using waste condenser heat for extra capacity at low dewpoints.  (Usually 0.4kWi/L)

- Consorb CF series is a conventional desiccant system which can use waste heat solar gas or electric to dehumidify to dewpoints to 3.5g/kg.  (Usually 1.7kW heat/L)

- Frigosorb can be used where wet air is inconvenient to be removed (Usually 0.6kWi/L)

Once we understand your system we can offer practical ways to customise and optimise dehumidification of your supermarket system.