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Water Damage Restoration

Dehumidification at Water Damage Restoration

Water damages often occurs in narrow and cold buildings. In those kinds of environments, the equipment must be robust, easy to install and easy to handle.

All DST dehumidifiers for water damage restoration are in stainless steel and are developed to endure tough environments.

They also have standard sized hoses to simplify air connections.

• The smallest DST dehumidifier DR-010B is only 12 kg.

• The Aquasorb A-30B/Bp does not need any wet air outlet since it condenses out the water into a container.

• For serious water damages, Recusorb R-060BR is often used, which can be equipped with a wagon.

DST can also offer RZ rental units (RZ units) for rental business in cases of very serious water damage and when there is aneed for very large quantities of dry air.