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Ultraviolet Disinfection in HVAC Systems

Ultraviolet Disinfection in HVAC Systems

You cannot reliably prevent the diffusion of spores, bacteria and viruses by adhering solely to current hygiene standards. In the area of comfort air conditioning, infections are the logical consequence. In the area of technical air conditioning, the spread of microorganisms leads to mould or reduced product quality.

With comparably low investment costs, it is possible to benefit from every aspect of sterilAir UVC disinfection, resulting in a considerably reduced infection hazard and reduced cross-contamination.

sterilAir air recirculation systems disinfect roomspaces with either a low convection or where a direct emission should be prevented in any case.

sterilAir provides a number of air recirculation and disinfection units that are able to deal with air volumes of 180 m³/h to 450 m³/h. All systems are characterised by easy installation and maintenance. 

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