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Humidification Systems

Humidification Systems

Fog System for the environment relative humidity system control

Fog is an innovative system for the environment relative humidification systems control, composed by 3 main elements:

  • Nebulizer nozzles

  • Electronic gear case for reading and control

  • Connection kit to water and pneumatic net.

Application Areas

  • Cellars for wine refinement in casks

  • Food storage

  • Freeze rooms

  • Textile industry

  • Air treatment plants

  • Electronic plants

  • Dust removal

  • Smell removal

  • Enzyme treatments 


The heart of the system is patented atomizer which is based on the venturi principle. It is provided with a 1,5 mm hole which enables to use standard water supply.

The mix between water and compressed air creates dry fog with a very fine nebulisation (microns), avoiding unwanted drops or condensation.

The number of atomizers may vary, depending on the relative humidity by the customer.

  • Nebulised H2O                               6 lt/h

  • Compressed Air Usage               120 lt/min

  • A/C Pressure                       Min 3,5 - Max 5,5 bar

  • H2O Pressure                                 0 bar

Electronic Control Unit

The electronic control unit for reading and control processes data received from the capacitive probe and, depending on the previously set parameters, opens or closes the solenoid valve, enabling or disabling micro nebulisation

  • DFC02           220V/50Hz    4-20mA          1 Electronic Display                       1 pcs capacitive probes

  • DFC03           220V/50Hz    4-20mA          2 Electronic Display                       2 pcs capacitive probes

  • Connection Kit

It is one of the fixed parts of the system, which enables to connect water and air supply to the atomizers.


  • Use of standard non demineralised water supply

  • Non condensing environments

  • Limited and quick maintenance

  • Quick installation

  • Long durability