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Measurement & Control

Duct Leakage Test Device

  • Duct leakage tests according to SMACNA, Eurovent 2/2 DIN 241194 and DW / 144.
  • Visual detection of duct leakage by optional smoke generator.
  • Light, strong and portable industrial construction.
  • Accurate calibrated measurement with Magnehelic Manometers.

Conditioned air leakage from a duct or undesirable air suction to a duct system, increases conditioned air (energy) requirement and can also effect pressure distribution negatively in the conditioned area. Therefore international standards has limited these leakages. Tetisan Compact Duct Leakage Test Kit, was developed to backup the efforts to satisfy these limitations. The test kit is produced according to SMACNA standards and used for Smacna, Eurovent 2/2, DIN 24194 and DW/144 duct leakage tests.

This device is made of a fan controlled by a converter,a diaphragm flow meter at the fan outlet, Magnehelic manometers for duct pressure and leakage measurements and a power panel. All components are mounted compactly on a frame. Test kit’s wheels provide portability. In the new design, compact duct leakage test kit can be supplied with an optional smoke generator. Due to this special design it becomes very easy and time saving to test the duct leakage. While duct static pressure and duct leakages are seen at Magnehelic manometers, leakages can be detected visually with the help of a smoke generator. Compact duct leakage test kit are supplied at two capacities (600m3/h ve 900m3/h) and optionally with a smoke generator.

Pressure Tip

  • Available for all types of static pressure.
  • Material: plastic or stainles steel.
  • Circle or flange type connections available.

Room Pressure & Ceiling Nozzle

Room pressure and ceiling nozzles are using for cleanroom pressure or DOP nozzle applications. 

Room Pressure Monitoring Panel

These panels made from stainless steel are used to see pressure, temperature, humidity rates and transmit them to building management system at cleanroom applications.

Filter Pressure Monitoring Panel

HEPA filter pollution can be watch by putting Magnehelic manometers in boxes that made from stainless steel.

Air Flow Measurement Probe

Airflow measurement probes can be used to run AHU fans with frequency inverter control and to calculate velocities in ducts(dynamic pressure).


  • For rectangular or circular ducts.
  • Easy installation
  • Can be installed on finished duct
  • Averaging over the whole area
  • All stainless-steel
  • Accurate measuring
  • Certified from laboratory of ODTÜ
  • Pitot Probes and Wilson Grid Models can be selected.

Air Flow Measurement Station

Air Flow Measurement unit uses averaging airflow measurement probes. Sensors that are placed into ducts side and top as cross, allow calculating average air velocity entire section of the duct by connecting outlets parallel to each other. The sensor measures static and total pressure difference which gives dynamic pressure according to the principle of pitot. Pressure difference is measured by differential pressure transmitter and transmitted to PLC unit. Airflow can be calculated from the differential pressure which is transmitted to the PLC unit with the formula below.



A1 and A2 terminals must be connected (+) pole of the differential pressure transmitter, B1 and B2 terminals must be connected to (-) pole in the same way. Electrical connection details of the differential pressure transmitter can be seen in prospectus of the unit.

U Manometer

  • 500-0-500 (1000), 1000-0-1000 (2000),1500-0-1500 (3000), 2000-0-2000 (4000), 3000-0-3000 (6000), 5000-0-5000 (10000) Pa measurement limits.
  • PVC housing, PVC tube
  • Easy assembly
  • Economical