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Textile Air Conditioning

Rotary Pre Filter

Suitable for collection of waste fiber
  • 2 mm galvanized sheet metal and aluminum profile.
  • Universal left-right door
  • 2 inspection windows
  • Ease of maintenance
  • Universal gear
  • Damper for pressure regulation

Cyclone Seperator

Designed for first stage filtration of airstreams with high dust, particle and short fibre content.

Compacting Unit

Compacting Units TFS separating and compacting units process synthetic natural fibers like cotton. Air contaminated by waste fiber is removed by suction from the production process, separated from the airstreams and then deposited in bags or containers.


Masonary Type Airwashers & Components

Components for Masonary Air Washers

  • Cell Hydration Water Fountains
  • High efficient atomization
  • PP body a connecting element
  • Stainless steel nozzle
  • High flow
  • Different nozzle diameters



Air Conditioning Components

Dampers, Air Louvers, Doors, etc.