Dehumidification Systems in Meat Facilities

Cured Meat 

Meats and meat processing require strict hygiene so as to be able to guarantee the quality of the products. With dehumidification you can achieve enhanced hygiene standards, fewer production standards and no condensation. 

Meat processing

As meat products are processed on cold premises, condensation often forms on ceilings and cold surfaces.  This condensation can result in dripping from the ceiling, with subsequent reductions in hygiene standards. 

Dehumidification is used to regulate relative humidity so as to create the right indoor climate. The temperature can also be controlled via DST dehumidifiers.

Dry air gives slaughterhouses a number of advantages:

• The ceilings are free of condensation. The risk of contamination is reduced greatly if relative  humidity is kept below 65 -70% RH

• The premises dry more quickly after cleaning, keeping downtime to a minimum. 

• A more pleasant working environment for the people working on the premises.

• No slippery floors or harsh indoor air.

• When the problems with condensation are rectified, less cleaning is needed in refrigerators, for example.