Dehumidification Systems at Refrigrated Rooms

Ice, frost and fog build up occurs whenever warm air comes into contact with a cold environment, i.e. when doors are opened and closed in a refrigerated store. Ice and frost build up means that regular defrosting of the store is required; this costs the company time and money.

Without dehumidification the ambient air entering the building through the conveyor feed apertures will lead to ice and frost formation which will eventually lead to the malfunction of the conveyor machinery and associated proximity / optical sensors. Frost build up on the product is undesireable. 

The icing, fogging and frost problem can be virtually eliminated by the installation of a desiccant dehumidifier to provide dry air into the plant. This will create a much safer and more pleasant working environment resulting in increased productivity. Down time for defrosting and cleaning will be drastically reduced. The working environment will be more worker friendly.

A dehumidified environment will pay for itself in many ways.