Fan Filter Unit Laminar Flow Units

Laminar Flow Cabins with FFU's is made of special aluminum profiles and stainless steel frames. Cabins are either designed to be hanged from ceiling or comes with rolling wheels. Transparent curtains, velocity control switch, magnehelic monometers are some of the accessories.

Fan Filter units achieve Class 100 conditions according to U.S. Federal Standard 209E or ISO Cl ass 5 according to ISO 14644-1:1999 with speed controlled fans, pre-filter (G3) and HEPA filter (H14). Clean-air velocity is about 0,45 m/s (±%20) measured 15-20 cm under the air distributor.

Laminar flow cabins with FFU supplies laminar flow achieving positive pressure in the cabin. These models are used only for laminar flow purpose. They can be designed any dimension according to the demand.