Fields of Activity

Fields of Activity


1.HVAC (Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning) Systems;

  • Hygienic/Cleanroom (Pharmaceutical Factories, Hospitals, Laboratories, medical equipment
  • Clean room at Nano Technology, Microelectronics Industry, glass industry
  • Food Facilities (Meat, Milk, Fruit, Chocolate, Hazelnut, Water, Yoghurt, Yeast Facilities…)
  • Textile Factories (Cotton and Synthetic Fiber Factories, Clothing, Dyeing Facilities…)
  • General Industrial Facilities (Glass, Cardboard, Paper Factories, System Rooms, Stability Rooms…),

2.Dust Collection / Dedusting Systems

3.Cartridge, Bag, Wet filter systems

4.Pneumatic Transport

  •  Paper,trim, woodchips, cotton, fiber…

5.Dehumidification Systems

  • Pharmaceutical and Food Facilities, Suspension Bridges, Viaducts, Glass Lamination Factories, Warehouses, Cold Rooms, Wind Turbines…

6.VOC and Gas Scrubber Systems

  • Water and chemical scrubbers, Thermal Regeneration systems

7.Waste Energy Recovery System



  • Laminar Flow Units (Operating Room, Filling Machines, Sterile Area, Laboratory, etc.)

  • Weighing and Sampling Cabinets

  • HEPA Filter Cabinets and Ceiling Diffusers

  • Cleanroom bottom suction boxes and grilles with/without filter

  • Safe Filter Changing Cabinets (Safe Change Units) - Microbiological Cabinet

  • Compact Duct Leakage Testing Equipment

  • Pitot tubes and Air/flow measuring stations

  • Pressure Monitoring Panels

  • Textile Air Conditioning Equipment

    • • Rotary drum filter, Rotary pre-filter, compactor, compacting unit,  masonry type air washer, humidification cell (washer, nozzle, service door, deflector,seperator etc.), damper, louver, grille, radial and axial fans

  • Humidifiers (Atomizer and Nozzles)

  • Industrial Air Filter Cabinets

  • Special Air Conditioning Systems (Wafer, Dragee and chewing gum air conditioning units...)

  • Suspension Bridge main cable - Dehumidification sleeve equipment