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Fields of Activity

Fields of Activity

HVAC Systems For;

  • Hygienic (Pharmaceutical Facilities, Hospitals, Laboratories…)
  • Nano Technology Laboratories
  • Food Facilities (Nuts, Meat, Vegetables, Fruits, Chocolate, Milk, Water, Yogurt…)
  • Textile Facilities (Cotton & Synthetic Fiber Factories, Ready-made Clothing, Dying…)
  • Other Industrial Facilities (Glass, Corrugated paper factories…)

Dust Collection / Dedusting Systems

  • Cartidge, Bag, Wet filtration systems

VOC & Gas Scrubber Systems

  • Water and chemical gas scrubbers, Thermal Regeneration Systems

Dehumidification Systems

  • Pharma & Food Process, Bridges, Warehouses, Cold Rooms…

Systems For Waste Energy Recovery

Pneumatic Transport

  • Chips, cotton, paper, wood shavings, fiber…

Laminar Flow Units (Operating Theatres, Laboratories, Filling Machines… )

Weighing and Sampling Cabins

HEPA Filter Boxes and Ceiling Diffusers

Safe Change Filter Units

Compact Duct Leakage Test Devices

Pitot tubes and Air Flow Measuring Stations

Cleanroom Pressure Panels

Textile Air Conditioning Equipment

  • Rotary Drum Filter, Rotary Pre Filter, Compacting Unit, Masonry Air Washers (Mist Eliminator, Air Diffuser,  Fountain, Dampers, Louvers, Grill, Radial & Axial Fans

Humidifiers (Atomizer & Nozzles)

Industrial Air Filter Cabins

Special Air Conditioning Systems (Wafer, Dragee and Gum air conditioning unites...)  


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